Turns for the better

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

S. Shawnee Blvd: Widened road, added left-turn lane at East Jackson Blvd. and removed stop signs at Old Cape Road. (Change was made by board of aldernmen in July.)

Gloria Dr.: Painted centerline stripe at Old Cape Road intersection. (Change made by street department in October.)

N. Lacey St.: Painted centerline stripe at Ridge Rd. intersection. (Change made by street department in October).

Donna Dr.: Install separate left-turn lane at E. Jackson Blvd. (MoDOT has given initial approval).

West Lane: Install separate left-turn lanes at W. Jackson Blvd. (changes to be made by MoDOT through Highway 34-72 project.)

No changes

The Jackson Board of Aldermen reviewed but decided not to make the following changes:

S. Missouri St./W. Adams St.: Establish a four-way stop.

Bainbridge Rd.: Increase speed limit from 30 mph to 35 mph from Old Cape Road to Oak Hill Rd.

Forest St.: Repeal stop sign at W. Independence/Olive St. and establish traffic to stop on Olive.

Orchard Dr.: Repeal four-way stop at N. West Lane intersection and established two-way stop control only on Orchard Dr.

Not pursued

The following short-term changes have been suggested but not yet pursued:

S. High St./Jefferston: Establish a four-way stop or switch the two-way stop control.

Francis Dr./Douglas St.: Establish three-way stop. Also on Francis, install sidewalks from Greensferry to N. High.

N. West Lane: Increase speed limit from 15 to 20 or 25 from Orchard Dr. to W. Jackson Blvd.

N. Union Ave.: Increase speed limit from 15 to 20 or 25 mph.

E. Jefferson St: Reduce speed limit from 30 to 20 mph from S. Hope to Old Cape Rd. at Immaculate Conception Campus. Also, install sidewalks at Immaculate Conception Campus.

East Lane: Increase speed limit from 20 to 25 mph from W. Jackson Blvd. to Orchard Dr.

East Main: Paint centerline stripe at Oak Hill Rd. intersection. Also, increase existing speed limit from 30 to 35 or 40 mph from Hope St. to Oak Hill Rd.

Old Cape Rd.: Paint centerline stripe at E. Jackson Blvdd. intersection.

N. Hope St.: Paint centerline stripe at Florence St. intersection and repeal truck route status from Washington to Florence.

Oak St.: Widen roadway from Broadrighe to N. West Lane to include school drop-off/pick-up areas. Also, increase speed limit from 15 to 25 mph from Rolling Fields Dr. to N. West Lane.

N. Farmington Rd.: Install sidewalks from Brown to W. Independence St.

Michael-Anna St.: Establish one-way traffic (northbound) from E. Jackson Blvd to Corinne St.

Gloria St.: Lower grade at E. Jackson Blvd intersection for better sight distance.

N. West Ln.: Install sidewalks from W. Jackson Blvd to Alpine St.

Veteran's Memorial Dr.: Repeal existing stop control and establish stop control on Goodson Dr.

Shawnee Blvd.: Increae speed limit from 30 to 35 or 40 mph from E. Jackson Blvd to Ridge Rd.

SOURCE: Rodney Bollinger, Jackson public works director

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