Director leaving Family Resource Center

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Denise Lincoln will leave her part-time job as the Family Resource Center's director this year.

The move is to take advantage of a lifelong dream to travel with her husband, Doug, an ultrasound technologist with Saint Francis Medical Center.

Her only hesitation in leaving the resource center, she said, is because of the recent licensing troubles. After writing a grant for a summer program, she needed to get an exception to the state's child-care licensing laws; instead, an inspection nearly caused the resource center to close.

"It was my heartfelt desire was to get that agency up and running and work myself out of a job," she said. Now she plans to work through the summer, possibly alongside her replacement. The new director will need stamina, she said, and the willingness to work hard for little pay. She earned $9,400 last year and donated $2,000 back to the center.

-- Peg McNichol

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