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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Physically fit coaches

A COMMENT said that by relieving coaches of their classroom duties and allowing them to only coach, we'd have less student obesity. Look at some of our coaches. Several are overweight. They may be coaches, but they sure aren't the role models of physical fitness I want for my children. Perhaps before we let them coach we should require physical fitness on their part.

Doesn't work

THE ECONOMICS of ethanol doesn't work for anyone. It's time to stop trying to force that white elephant on consumers.

Voting ID

FIRST, MOST of us are OK with showing a driver's license as proof of identity when we vote -- as long as it is current, is from the state in which you want to vote, is not issued by a state which allows illegal aliens to get a driver's license and is accompanied by valid, verifiable proof (like a voter registration card) that you are a resident of the precinct in which you attempt to vote. Second, a Social Security card is not proof of identity. You can buy one for about $50 just about anywhere south of the border, and it does not positively identify you. Why are so many people so willing to give this privilege away to people who either abuse it or to people who have no right by virtue of noncitizenship?

Chest injuries

STUDIES FAIL to note that the majority of deaths of motorcyclists are chest injuries, not head injuries.

Polite drivers

MANY OF the Cape Girardeau Roadrunners like to go for a run after work. It's a little exercise and makes you feel good. I want to thank the drivers on Hopper Road and in Twin Lake Subdivision for being polite and nice. They always try to get out of my way and give me a little extra room.

Company with a heart

THANK YOU, Wal-Mart, for dropping your controversial effort concerning Debbie Shank of Jackson. You do have a heart, and we thank you.

Bad parenting

THE PERSON who's upset about receiving a summons for letting her children play outside is fortunate that she only received a summons. I think she should have received a court order to attend parenting classes. Anyone who would think a 5-year-old is old enough to cross a street with traffic needs parenting classes. Eight- and 7-year-olds are not old enough to supervise a 5-year-old. Any good parent would know that.

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