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Sunday, April 6, 2008

WHEN PRESIDENT Clinton was in office, we were out of the recession. We wasn't even in a depression, we were out of recession the first time. And now we are in a depression and a recession under the Bush Administration. Now you can say whatever you want to, you can say it's a recession, I say it's a depression because you're not in my shoes. It's a depression. These people that bought these big fancy houses, I don't have no pity on any of them. They shouldn't have went out and stuck their necks out like they did. I knew what it would be like. But no, you people weren't satisfied with Clinton. You judged him when the Bible says don't judge ye at all. You judged him. Now we're in such a depression that we'll never get out and I have to tell you this, I feel sorry for whoever it is that gets the presidency, whether it be Democrat or Republican because this man has put this world in one hell of a mess.

IN HOT, dry summers, farmers and all of us pray for rain. Let's join together and pray for it to stop raining for a while.

MY HAIRDRESSER and I just had a conversation that we've had many times surrounding the fact that we have 20 something year old relatives who get married, have babies and when they're given gifts, they never, ever send a thank-you note. We came up with a solution to this. Our solution is to give them gift cards that you can activate by computer or something and you won't activate that until, of course, you have received a thank-you note in the mail. Then you can call or get on the computer and activate that. Is there anyone else out there with us on this who've seen the same problem with the ungrateful attitudes of young people these days?

RUSH LIMBAUGH, why don't you tell your people to vote for Ron Paul? That's the kind of attitude you've got, to tell them to vote for Clinton. Rush, tell your people to vote for Ron Paul. You don't like McCain so that will be your out.

JUST WATCHING on the news about all the money being raised for the campaigns and they keep saying Obama is getting all his money off the Internet. Not saying that it's not all legit but how do we know that this money that he's getting on the Internet, where this money's coming from? I think that should be public knowledge. It probably is if someone wants to dig into it. But there's all the stuff going around about the Muslim ties he has and if any of that money is coming from Saudi Arabia or other countries that are trying to boost him in as president, that want him in for some reason rather than another candidate, then I don't want their money going for his campaign. I don't think that's fair. Don't know where that money's coming from but I'd like to see where all this Internet money that Barack Obama's raised is coming from.

I RECENTLY read where the bus driver who dropped students off blocks from their home during a flood and forced them to walk to their home in waist-high water was disciplined. I feel this bus driver should be fired. First Student should not hire anybody who could make such horrible decisions when it comes to safety of our children. That is why I drive my son to school, I do not allow him to ride the bus for I fear for his safety.

I WAS shocked that a bus driver for First Student would only be disciplined and not fired for letting kids off the school bus in a flash flood and forcing them to wade through waist-high floodwaters. Cape Public Schools should fire First Student. This bus driver is clearly now a person to be trusted with the safety and care of our children. The bus driver and First Student should be fired and the Cape Public Schools need to get their act together regarding bus drivers.

REGARDING THE bus incident during the big rainstorm, my grandson was also one of the ones that was on the bus. He had only been living in Cape for three weeks and really doesn't know his way around and on that day, he has no cell phone and he had no place to go and he had to walk over a mile and he got drenched by all the passing cars and finally came to a bank where he called me. The lady at the bank came and gave him a blanket to sit on because he was so wet. I think that bus driver could have done her job and taken those kids back to the junior high or at least some place dry where they could have used a phone. The bus company is really very lucky that no got hurt or died. She needs to be more than reprimanded for what she has done, give her time off to think of her decision she made that day because it was really a bad decision. I am not a bus driver but I or anyone else would have known never to let children off in a situation like that. At least, she could have taken them some place safe. I think what she got was not enough and I think she should be made aware of her decision and that it was a bad one.

MR. SULLIVAN, you coming from over yonder in Kelo Valley, I'm sure you know what a delicacy fried squirrel is. Eat them.

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