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Saturday, March 29, 2008

THAT MARCH 26 column by Paul Greenberg was the best opinion piece I have ever seen in the Southeast Missourian. He has become more philosophical and less cynical lately.

Fantasy world

IN VIEW of the fact that Hillary Clinton is an intelligent person, wouldn't she surely have known that there were photos and videos of that trip to Bosnia that would prove her story was false? Calling that story a misstatement or due to sleep-deprivation in no way explains it. The same could be said about her SCHIP claims and her Ireland peace claim. It is beginning to appear that Clinton is living in a fantasy world of her own making.

A connection

AFTER 30 years of aborting future taxpayers, our country is running out of funding for their parents' Social Security and Medicare.

1950s sinkholes

READING ABOUT the sinkholes on South Sprigg Street reminds me of the early 1950s when large sinkholes began appearing overnight on the hillside farm of our neighbor. What a fright. No one knew where the ground would sink next, or whether our homes were safe to stay in. For weeks, our road, Timon Way, was crowded with cars. Professors, scientists, reporters and the merely curious all arrived to see the mysterious holes. No one seemed to know what caused them, but my grandpa swore they were old Indian caves that had fallen in and that he had explored them as a young man. Maybe they were.

Out in the open

WEBCAST your meetings, Cape Girardeau County commissioners. Enough of backdoor politics. Let's get everything out in the open to the people you represent.

County paving

NO ROAD should be paved or chip-and-sealed unless all property owners sign an easement. The advisory board has already made exceptions, and now it is going to do it again. This is not right. The road I live on has one property owner holding out. It is nowhere on the paving list. How about an exception for it? I say disband the advisory board. It is doing a worse job than the commissioners were doing.

Sales tax too high

THE SALES tax in St. Louis is under 7 percent. I will be doing my shopping at the South County Mall in St. Louis where tax is 6.075 percent if the parks and storm-water sales tax passes April 8. There is no reason for Cape Girardeau to have a sales tax of almost 2 percentage points more than St. Louis. Don't let the supporters of the tax tie in last week's flooding to this bond. A small fraction would go to storm-water systems.

Seeking leadership

ONE OF the first acts of our president, after being elected, was to build a T-ball court on the White House lawn. On 9/11, he was speaking to a group of kindergartners in New Orleans when we were attacked. I've lost track of how many times he's wrecked his bicycle. Today, it was announced that the death toll of American troops in Iraq has passed 4,000 with more than 80,000 Iraqis killed. TV coverage switched to the White House where the president was to step to the podium to start the Easter egg hunt. We are starving for leadership like never before — a leader without an adolescent mind.

Too many temptations

CAPE GIRARDEAU used to be a city of beautiful roses. Now it is a city of bars. No wonder our children don't have any example to live by. No wonder our city is looking like skid row. Do the police get extra points for sitting outside until the kids come out to go home? It looks that way.

Unwitting argument

CONSISTENCY IS David Limbaugh's middle name. When spiritual leaders such as the Pope and President Bush's own pastor were telling him to back off his march to war in Iraq, Limbaugh's blood lust got the better of him and he cheered Bush's warmongering ways. Now that the anti-American rhetoric of Barack Obama's pastor is public knowledge, Limbaugh is once again urging a politician to ignore the advice of his pastor. Sounds like a unwitting argument for separation of church and state to me. Although I doubt that Limbaugh has the intellectual capacity to understand this. As patriotic Americans, we should all be thankful that Barack Obama does.

Honorable service

THE TUPPERWARE-helmet Harley riders are mostly veterans who served our country honorably, escort deceased veterans in combat to the cemetery and do a lot of community service. They fought for you to have the right to speak out. The next time you encounter one of these fine people, salute them and say thank you.

Horse concerns

I AM dead set against the killing of horses, as I love horses very much. But I hate even more seeing them in the condition that they've been in and the suffering that they've had to go through: prolonged starvation, lack of veterinary care. There's got to be a more humane method to gently put these animals to sleep.

Too much odor

MY HEART was pounding, I was sweating, my head felt like it was in a vice. No, I wasn't in a leaking chemical plant, I was in church. Lots of perfumes and colognes are so toxic to some of us that we find them living down to the name of one, Poison. Please remember that what smells nice to one may be poison to another.

Humane treatment

THE HUMANE Society didn't take away horse slaughter. The public did, those who own horses and who love horses and are responsible for their horses. If somebody doesn't want to take care of their horse and it's an unwanted horse, he should euthanize it humanely by calling a vet.

Incentive to file

ACROSS THE United States, there are millions of people who forget to file their taxes. This year, in order to get the economic stimulus rebate from the IRS, you have to file your taxes on time by April 15. Somebody in Congress figured out how to get everybody to file with the IRS, and this will do it.

Woe to taxes

I ALSO heard a deep voice speaking during the big rain. It said, "Don't raise tax burdens or you will feel the wrath of the residents. Beware, beware. Taxes are too high. Woe to taxes."

Scary move

ABOUT TWO weeks ago, Western Union announced their plans to close their call centers in Missouri and Texas and outsource the work to foreign countries. As a money-service business, Western Union is required by federal law to take steps to ensure that its services are not used by terrorists and other criminal elements. The fact that this work which was done in Bridgeton is now going to be done overseas should scare everyone.

Smells like a goat

I WAS almost refused service at a restaurant. I'd been pumping water for three days, I was tired and hungry as an old dog. It was implied that I smelled like a goat. If your basement had flooded, you'd smell like a goat too.

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