Speak Out 3/20/08

Thursday, March 20, 2008

School planning

WITH ELECTION time upon us, let's elect Cape Girardeau School Board members who can plan ahead farther than two years at a time. In the past eight to 10 years, our alternative school has been in four locations: the old Civic Center, the former May Greene Elementary School building, Schultz School and now the old vocational-technical school, which is being renovated at whatever cost. Where does it end? At the new high school that was built six years ago? Bravo, board members. You really have a plan. In conjunction with the alternative school planning, am I the only one who sees a problem with this program's growing numbers? We are telling these students that if they can't conform within the guidelines, here is an easier, less restrictive way. What in the world are we teaching them about society?

Do it yourself

I DON'T understand why some people are so upset with Jackson taking so long to pick up the limbs from the ice storm. We have had two ice storms and snow since. If someone has a problem with it, do like I have seen others do: Take it away yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. Don't complain about the time it takes for the city to clean up your tree limbs from your property. I consider it a privilege the city is doing it for us. Thanks, Jackson. I think you are doing a great job.

Health matters

THERE IS no evidence that going to the gym is in any way correlated with health, as another comment said. There my be some evidence showing that there is a correlation if (when you get there) you exercise.

Gas solutions

I'M ANXIOUSLY awaiting to see one of our good leaders around our community to step up to the plate and address the issue of high gasoline prices. We can use mass transit. We can use school buses for more than just carrying children to and from school. We can have vans pick up people and take them to work. We need badly to address this issue and do something about these high prices and quit putting our heads in the sand and pretending it's not happening before we have $5-a-gallon gasoline.

Bow challenge

BOW HUNTERS: Take the sportsman's challenge. Use a long bow instead of a compound bow. You might find it more exciting. You don't need all that speed anyway. All you have to do is hit the target. It wouldn't be as much noise, and you wouldn't have to have so much pull string when you hold it back.

Market price

GAS STATIONS are at it again. They are raising the price on gasoline based on what the market price is. That has nothing to do with what they've already paid for what's in the tank. That's gouging, I hope Attorney General Jay Nixon looks into this and take some of the profit away or puts it back in the taxpayer's pocket.

Good job on limbs

I SURE would like to thank the crew that is picking up limbs. You can sure tell they know their job. They did a wonderful job picking them up for us and not leaving piles lying around. Great job, men.

Latchkey kids

AS A teacher I know that now is the time for the next school schedules to be made. I also live in a block where many children are latchkey kids. They are responsible for themselves for the hour or two until their parents get home from work. When schools are dismissed early, these children are home alone far too long. I would hope that administrators would try and remember these children when making up next year's schedule.

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