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Thursday, March 20, 2008

"I Am Legend"

Will Smith can even turn the end of humanity into a blockbuster. Smith's latest sci-fi smash is the third adaptation of Richard Matheson's novel about a researcher who may be the last man alive (it was previously filmed as Vincent Price's "The Last Man on Earth" and Charlton Heston's "The Omega Man"). Alone with a dog for much of the movie, Smith stars as a survivor desperately seeking a cure to a plague that killed most of the human race and turned the rest into savage cannibals.


Disney flips its animation legacy on its head with this hit fairy-tale musical about a cartoon princess whose happily ever-after turns into a through-the-looking-glass journey to modern Manhattan. Amy Adams stars as the storybook princess Giselle, who is about to wed her dream beau when her wicked stepmother-to-be (Susan Sarandon) hurls her from the animated realm to real-world New York, where she livens up the shaky life of a single dad (Patrick Dempsey).


The second acclaimed collaboration between director Joe Wright and Keira Knightley, who teamed on "Pride and Prejudice," this period drama earned seven Academy Award nominations, including best picture. Set largely in the 1930s, the tragic romance traces the consequences of a terrible lie told by a jealous girl (supporting-actress nominee Saoirse Ronan), who makes a false accusation against the new lover (James McAvoy) of her older sister (Knightley).

"Love in the Time of Cholera"

Javier Bardem stars in the adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel, which follows the unfaltering passion of a man who waits a lifetime to be with his true love.

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