REVIEW: Action almost makes up for the lack of answers in 'Doomsday'

Thursday, March 20, 2008

With a name like "Doomsday" you would expect the movie to have lots of action and violence. I'm here to tell you that you would be correct. It's got gunfights, car chases, a lot of violence and a little story thrown in for good measure.

In April of this year there is an outbreak of a deadly virus in Scotland. In order to quarantine the virus, a giant wall is somehow built around the entire country in only a matter of weeks. Fast forward 27 years later and the virus breaks out again in England. This time, though, they decide to send some people over the wall into Scotland, to find a cure. This group of people is led by Eden Sinclair, played by Rhona Mitra, probably best known for her appearance on "Nip/Tuck."

Over the wall, Eden and her team come into to contact with two different civilizations. The first one being a bunch of crazy people living in the city, and when I say crazy, I mean crazy. For some strange reason they eat other human beings when they can be eating the numerous amount of cows that are roaming about the country. The second civilization the team comes into contact with is straight out of medieval times. They ride horses, live in a castle and wear the exact same outfits they did back then. It's like they just walked off the set of "Robin Hood."

This movie has a ton of action, so much in fact that you don't even care about the story not developing. It has some good gunfights, a couple of good sword/ax fights and a semi-decent car chase scene. The problem with all these scenes, though, is the ridiculous music. For some strange reason, they decide to blast loud and obnoxious music throughout all the fight scenes. Don't get me wrong, music is fine for some action sequences. But when you can't hear a car's tires squeal, it really takes away from the movie.

Overall, I would say "Doomsday" is a decent action movie. If you want to see some heads get chopped off and cars explode and don't care about much else, this movie is for you.

Personally, I wish they would have explained a little more. Like what does the virus do and how did all of these people manage to survive? Oh, and why in the world aren't they eating the cows?

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