Speak out 3/18/08

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Special interests

SO, THE Republican Missouri Senate wants to give money to special-interest groups. We still have over 100,000 people struggling to buy groceries, get proper health care and purchase the prescription drugs they need because of the 2005 Medicaid cuts, but the senators don't hesitate to fund the debunked ethanol industry. Interesting.

Exhausted taxes

WITH GASOLINE hovering at $3 a gallon, it frustrates me to see police cars and municipal equipment idling all day. Any time the police are at a scene, no matter how long, the cars are always running. Before it was to keep all the lights from running the battery down, but with the LED lights on them now they could do the same thing with an extra battery. I see my tax dollars coming out the exhaust pipe.

Worst and best

DAVID LIMBAUGH'S there's-a-terrorist-under-every-bed strategy to stop the Democrats from keeping control of the federal legislative branch and taking control the the executive branch is fear-mongering at its worst and political strategy at its best.

Not good or bad

PROJECTING HUMAN characteristics onto animals is known as anthropomorphism. Someone said the deer are bad in Cape Girardeau. Deer do not have consciences, as do most humans (sociopaths excepted). Thus, deer can't or shouldn't be judged as either good or bad.

Silly idea

LET'S GET over this dangerous, holier-than-thou, silly idea that God chose the U.S. to be a beacon of freedom and goodness for the rest of the world. This false belief has turned us into sanctimonious, self righteous, do-gooding, mold-the-world-in-our-image neo-imperialists.

Sending a message

WHAT KIND of message does a high school play give? It shows what kids can do with their free time instead of doing drug. High school kids know the difference between right and wrong. I was in Red Dagger when I was in high school. Instead of spending my free time drinking, smoking and doing drugs, I was rehearsing, dancing, singing and making new friends. When high school kids go to a play, they see talent and some good entertainment. Plays do not influence teenagers. Their peers do. Claims that a high school play sends the wrong message is ridiculous. Out-of-wedlock pregnancies come from teens who weren't taught by their parents to practice abstinence or safe sex. Teens think they know everything, but I had a mom who made sure to pound it in my head what's right and what's wrong. Maybe it's not the world of video games, music and movies that has changed our kids. Maybe it's the fact that most parents are too busy to attend to raising their kids right.

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