Letter to the Editor

Cape says thank you to Ameren

Sunday, March 16, 2008

To the editor:

I feel it necessary and appropriate to thank AmerenUE for tits superior response to the recent ice storms that crippled our area. Under the direction of Jean Mason, SEMO Division manager, Ameren brought the cavalry to Cape Girardeau with over 1,000 workers and trucks that blanketed our city in a time of need. Ameren worked with precision and execution to restore power to many of our citizens who were left cold and in the dark as a result of the devastating ice.

It was not long ago that I appeared before the Missouri Public Service Commission and conveyed some disturbing and disappointing testimony about the relationship that existed between Cape Girardeau and Ameren. At the core of my comments was the issue of customer service. I believed there was room for improvement and felt as though the citizens of Cape Girardeau deserved better.

Obviously, Ameren officials took issue with my comments and probably felt somewhat frustrated by their inability to respond during this hearing. To their credit, they chose to respond with action instead of words. They asked to meet and began to lay out appropriate steps to improve communications, implement new policy and enhance their relationship with the city. I have always maintained that it is essential for the city to have a solid and cohesive partnership with Ameren to ensure that we provide the quality of life that our citizenry has come to expect and deserves. While the relationship was headed in the right direction following these meetings, it was solidified during the ice storms. The massive mobilization effort and flawlessly executed response made me proud to have Ameren as our energy provider. What was demonstrated by Ameren during this crisis was superior customer service.

JAY B. KNUDTSON, Mayor, Cape Girardeau