Speak Out 02/24/04

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Government spending

WHAT IS it about governments that they always need more tax money? The state can't fund public schools, yet it can build an interpretative center at North County Park. It looks to me like the state has enough money. Why don't we spend it on the kids in schools? The city spent $40,000 to find a new slogan. I'll tell you a new slogan: "Safety first." Let's take care of the fire department and police department before spending for a new slogan. The Cape Girardeau School District needs more money, but look at the buildings we just built. We keep wasting money right and left and asking taxpayers to pay more taxes. It just bites me.

Pack rats to rescue

CAPE GIRARDEAU doesn't need a spring cleanup. All the city has to do is announce a weekend for people to put their junk at the curb and let the pack rats pick it up.

Not so bad

I WENT to lunch with a woman who was thrilled about the new electric lines in Jackson. One of the streets that has them is undeveloped. From that perspective, they don't look bad. In fact, I thought they looked rather interesting. I don't think everyone's upset. Of course, who wouldn't want underground lines?

A united country

I AM really tired of people who call our president a liar. We cannot see what is in his heart. We need a united country, not a divided one.

Adding and subtracting

IT IS disheartening to realize that the Cape Girardeau School District was automatically increasing administrative salaries when teachers were being cut. What is worse is finding out that the part-time personnel director who is on full retirement is also getting his health insurance paid for by the same district. Where does the school board stand on this?

Troopers on streets

WHEN DID the Missouri State Highway Patrol start doing the city's job of policing the streets? Every day I see more and more highway patrol vehicles on city streets and county roads. Isn't our local law enforcement doing a good enough job? People speed up and down the interstate all day long, and these troopers would rather pull people over in the cities for minor offenses. They should do the job they are sworn to do: patrolling the highways.

Asking for fair pay

I UNDERSTAND why people are mad at a city council and mayor who have spent money in an unwise manner. But Cape Girardeau is losing good police officers and firefighters to other cities due to low pay and poor benefits. If we want Cape Girardeau to be a safe and desirable place to live, it is time we help these people out. They are only asking to make a fair living and to have safe equipment. Is that anything that all of us would not ask?

Let them have guns

CONCEALED WEAPONS should be allowed to everyone in Missouri. I'm in the military stationed in Alabama, but I am from Missouri. Down here you can by a handgun without a permit, and there is no waiting period. They need to leave the handgun situation alone and allow people to carry them.

Need union clout

TEACHERS HAVE no one to blame but themselves for having their jobs eliminated while superintendents' salaries rise. That's what happens when teachers don't exert enough political pressure on state legislators to pass laws providing them a legal right to bargain collectively for better wages and working conditions.

Marvelous writing

NOTRE DAME Regional High School student Meghan Jones's marvelous piece about her plans to become a journalist adds further prestige to the writing skills displayed by young people whose work is published in the Southeast Missourian. Way to go, Miss Jones.

Cool science

WHAT'S THIS? A Missouri legislator now wants creationism to be taught in science classes. Faith-based science may be a contradiction in terms, but it would be cool.

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