Letter to the Editor

Sodomy opposed, but not abortion?

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

To the editor:

The subject of legalized sodomy brings howls of outrage and calls for a constitutional amendment by both political parties making all such unions illegal in all states. Funny, I don't hear insincere politicians saying, "Personally, I don't believe in sodomy, but I don't believe I should force my morals on anyone."

For 31 years citizens of these same states have been murdered through legal abortions -- 43 million of them -- because politicians didn't wish to force their morals on anyone. Today women have the legal right to privacy (to kill their unborn). The same argument could be used for the legalization of sodomy. Why have these same politicians not called for a constitutional amendment to protect the smallest and most defenseless of our citizens? Abortion should have been put to rest 30 years ago with a constitutional amendment. Could it be that if abortion had then been made illegal there would have been nothing to campaign about?


Cape Girardeau