Combined festivals

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cape Girardeau is rethinking the air show.

Last year, the Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival drew smaller crowds, due partly to extreme heat and its proximity to Libertyfest, the downtown Fourth of July celebration. Organizers say people didn't have time to recuperate from Libertyfest before the start of the air show, which lost more than $37,000. City officials had already considered holding the air show every other year.

Recently the air festival folks and the Libertyfest folks have discussed joining the two events, with the air show over the river near downtown. Libertyfest is a celebration that includes live music and fireworks.

Old Town Cape executive director Marla Mills said her organization, which sponsors Libertyfest, and airport manager Bruce Loy would have to produce a precise schedule of events before the U.S. Coast Guard would approve closing the river for the festivities.

Both Old Town Cape and the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport could potentially save money by joining forces, and the event could be a huge draw. But many details still have to be planned and considered before making the move.

It's an idea worth pursuing, however. And we're glad to see different segments of the community are putting their heads together.

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