Speak Out 3/3/08

Monday, March 3, 2008

Twisted politics

OUR POLITICAL leaders should understand all the concerns with alternative fuels like ethanol. Just read the national headlines. The outlook is not as rosy as the well-dressed wolf in sheep's clothing has stated. Fire departments are not equipped to handle ethanol fires that require special foam. This should be a concern for our area if we get ethanol plants. Tell the politicians in this state to get it right before they mandate a hazardous situation in our backyard.

Banks are benefiting

I RECENTLY heard about another cut in the Federal Reserve interest rate. The problem is banks do not pass it on. The only thing that gets cut is the interest on your money-market account or your CDs. I've seen the rate on home loans go up after the Fed cuts as banks try to recoup their losses from foreclosures and bankruptcies. The only ones I see benefiting from Fed rate cuts are banks, not the consumers.

Time to sell the truck

GASOLINE PRICES are going through the roof because of increasing worldwide demand. It has nothing to do with supply, as a Speak Out caller suggested. The caller would be well-served to (as he mentioned he might) sell his truck.

Told you

WHAT DO people think about the NAFTA agreement now? And who remembers Ross Perot?

Thanks to volunteers

I WOULD like to praise the Southern Baptist Chainsaw Ministry for its service to our area. Special thanks go to volunteer Don Dickerson from the First Baptist Church of Millersville. Don is retired from Procter & Gamble, but he hasn't retired from helping people. Thanks also to the Southeast Missourian for putting the needed information online and on the front page. My yard is ready for city pickup.

Late-night power

I'M CALLING to thank the three men from AmerenUE who restored power on Hudson Drive on Tuesday a little before 2 o'clock in the morning. I got home from a late shift at the hospital and was tired and hungry. The power was out. I saw their trucks. I really appreciated them restoring the power just in time.

No equal justice

A PERSON would have to have an IQ lower than his shoe size to believe that if a black man from south Cape Girardeau had been charged with and found guilty of the same things as Dr. Reno Cova, he would have received equal justice from our judicial system.

Satellite tomfoolery

LAST WEEK, it was reported that spying by China has reached Cold War proportions. This week it was announced that we are going to share our technology on shooting down the defunct satellite with China. There used to be a name for this action. It was called treason.

Comment resented

I RESENT what Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton had to say about Americans who are not fully employed. If he feels that strongly about the Mexican work ethic, then let them get licenses so they can drive to and from work. Mexicans watch over their brothers and sisters more than most Americans.

Community freezer

THIS IS a note to praise Schnucks Supermarket again for opening its freezers to all of us who were without power last week. It's a wonderful community service, way beyond the call of duty, that they would open the freezers so many of us would not lose our meat, even though we didn't get it from Schnucks. Again, praise and thanks to Schnucks.

Emotional story

I TRY not to be too emotional, but I couldn't help but be brought to tears after reading the story "Winning for Sahara" in the Sunday Missourian by Lindy Bavolek. Ms. Bavolek did a great job in writing that story, not only talking about the final basketball game of the season that Shannon Aldridge coached, but also about the life of Sahara Aldridge. I want to thank her for that. Good job.

We'll do it our way

I'D LIKE to point out to FEMA and Washington all the bad weather we've had here in the Midwest and the fact that FEMA has not been asked to get involved. Instead, neighbors are helping neighbors, and local governments are helping too. Everyone is helping everyone, and all the debris is being picked up and all the electricity is back on. We did what they couldn't. That's what it's about. Get rid of FEMA. Let us do it our way.

Agree with comment

SPEAKER ROD Jetton, I wholeheartedly agree with your comment regarding lazy Americans not working for money and relying on Uncle Sam to mail pesos to them. Legal aliens should be commended.

High school refund

COULD SOMEONE in the Missouri State High School Athletics Association explain why, in every district except District 1 in Class 4A, you pay to see the boys and girls championship game? District 1 makes it two different sessions. The Notre Dame-Sikeston boys game is a sellout so it should only cost $2 instead of $4 as it's only one game. Notre Dame may have two teams in it, boys and girls, so would the cost for each student or parent be $8 per person? It's the only district in Southeast Missouri that does it. Every person who goes through the gate Saturday should be given a $2 refund.

Working, and voting

SHAME ON you, Rod Jetton, for calling Southeast Missourians lazy. We're not all on welfare. Some of us do work. You know, some of us vote. We're a little sensitive about being called lazy when we go to work everyday.

Sensor lights

FOR THE love of God, Cape Girardeau, please get sensor stoplights. When I'm the only car at an intersection, there's no reason why I should have to sit there for five minutes.

Leaves on street

THE CITY needs to get the leaves on Abby Road near Lexington Road. They've been there three or four months. I don't care about the branches that are blocking my street and the tree that's down in front, but I want those leaves moved.

Helpful driver

I WANT to thank the guy who was driving the AmeriMart truck. My 5-month-old and I were trying to get out of my driveway, and I got stuck. The AmeriMart driver pulled me out. It was so nice of him. I live in Fruitland off U.S. 61. Thank you.

Appalling column

I WAS appalled when I read Sunday's column "He's got your nose, honey" and found mother-to-be Callie Clark Miller referring to her unborn son as an adorable, pig-snout mutant with a great future in the circus. I would have expected a woman who has endured multiple miscarriages to choose her words more carefully. Did she take into consideration the parents reading her article who have children with life-threatening birth defects? She should feel blessed to still be carrying a healthy baby and have a little more tact in writing future columns.

No to deer hunting

WE TAKE the deer habitat away and complain when the deer cause vehicle accidents or eat soybeans. An elderly woman backed into my car because she thought she was out in the intersection too far. What happens to her because she caused an accident? Most deer hunters drink alcohol while hunting. I don't want them hunting in my backyard. This is one thing I say no to.

He's worth it

I GUESS what would be important about James Carville and his wife coming here and the $64,000 it cost is how many seats were filled and was it a successful night for the Show Me Center. I have better things to do on a winter night, and $64,000 seems like a lot of money. Would Michael Moore, the movie producer, come for $64,000? At least, he'd be entertaining.

Good comments

IT'S AMAZING that some of you have to tear down somebody else's hard work with insults and negative comments. The Cape Girardeau County Highway Department has done tremendous work. For somebody to say road crews pushed branches into a creek is plain false. Let's be positive and comment about good things, not tear people down.

Columnist is wrong

COLUMNIST KATHERINE Lopez says Barack Obama is naive on foreign policy. I like that Obama is willing to meet with any foreign leader. But if Lopez wants our leaders to continue a policy of careless bombing and perpetual warfare, she's free to do so even though history has proved this ineffective. She calls Obama a radical on abortion. The majority of us realize that abortion needs to be safe and legal. She also says Obama would pull troops out of Iraq immediately, which is blatantly false. Obama's plan would send 90,000 troops to the region.

Proving a point

IT IS interesting to note that David Limbaugh says, "Conservatives believe that government is a necessary evil." I would agree that the Bush and Blunt administrations are doing their best to prove that they are indeed necessary and evil.

To much suffering

I AM from a family of hunters and am not opposed to hunting. I am, however, opposed to any hunting in the city limits. I strongly oppose hunting game with bows and arrows. Hunting with bows and arrow inflicts too much unnecessary pain and suffering on the animals that are hunted.

Leave deer alone

Leave those deer alone. We build in their territory. People are greedy today. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. Greedy people shouldn't be moving where the deer are, because they are running them into town. If you don't want to live around them, don't build around them.

Truth hurts

WHY DAVID Limbaugh's column irritates some is such a joke. Why take it so seriously? Don't read it. If you're a liberal Democrat, you're going to disagree with any conservative view. Keep up the good work, David. Make the liberals squirm and curse. The truth hurts.

Helpful neighbors

I WANT to thank all those involved in catching the two horses that were loose on Route Y Monday morning. I want to thank the couple who knocked on the door, the highway patrol who responded so quickly, Lennie down the road for his time and effort and the couple who led them back to the barn. None of these people own these horses. They were being good neighbors. God bless all of them. Thank you.

Thanks, Red Cross

THANK YOU to the Red Cross for the help it provided to those who were sheltered at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church during the ice storm. The Red Cross folks did a fantastic job. They brought cots, blankets and food. A crew cooked for us. We thank them for their kindness and for all the effort they put forth to making us comfortable. Thank you so much. May God bless you.

Pickup plan

Thanks to Cape Girardeau for its decision to hire help to pick up all the piles of tree limbs around the city following the ice storms. Even though the city is paying extra for the pickup crews, it will save money in the long run. City crews will be free to tend to the many other needs and the limbs will be disposed of quickly. Perhaps this will help to improve the mood of the city, which has been affected by the aftermath of these terrible storms. Thank you.

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