Speak Out 2/29/08

Friday, February 29, 2008

Supply and demand?

I HAVE seen several articles over the years about shortages of doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists and engineers. Why doesn't the law of supply and demand work in these cases? Why don't the salaries keep increasing until we have a larger labor market? If you truly value these critical jobs, pay them more. Stop importing foreign doctors, scientists and engineers and developing alternative certifications for teachers.

It's contradictory

DAVID LIMBAUGH says conservatives are for small, limited government and also are for the war. These are contradictory statements. Wars need money, and government has expanded because of post-9-11 laws. That's why President Bush proposed an astounding $3 trillion budget this year, the most ever. How is that conservative?

Limbs in the street

I LIVE on North Ohio Street in Jackson. My neighbor dumped his tree limbs on the road. He reduced the street to one lane, and people have to drive carefully to keep from getting their vehicles scratched by the tree limbs. Everyone else in the neighborhood stacked their tree limbs to the side of the street, not on the street.

Un-American attacks

RIGHT-WING talk show attacks on Sen. John McCain are un-American. The mocking of McCain by these folks exemplifies extremist attacks on a true American hero. One can only hope that McCain doesn't start pandering to them.

Investment plan

STATE REP. Rod Jetton: Since your political career is now kaput (that would be consumado in Spanish) and you are now Missouri's favorite pinata (that would be pinata in Spanish), I have some advice for your future employment. Pemex, Mexico's national oil production company, has serious cash infusion needs. Use the slush fund you acquired while lagging on Mitt Romney's payroll while you did nothing for Missourians and the $33,000 diverted to your consulting firm by state Sen. Jason Crowell and invest in Pemex. It's a marriage made in heaven (cielo in Spanish). You get to rub elbows with your friends (that's amigos in Spanish) and get far away from all those lazy Missourians. What a lazy bunch they are for not flocking to the $8-an-hour slave-wage jobs that Mexican invaders greedily lap up. And why wouldn't they? Eight bucks an hour is great pay when you get public assistance, live 20 to a two-bedroom house, pay little to no taxes, get your children educated free, access the nearest hospital for your every need at no cost and even get an instant citizen when your next child is born. You're absolutely right: Missourians are lazy as hell for not adopting that lifestyle. So take your slush fund, get to Mexico ASAP, find yourself a nice house in the village (casa in the aldea in Spanish) and set up shop. That is where your future lies, not in America -- and certainly not in Missouri.

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