Coty, the coatimundi moves to Fort Worth

Thursday, February 28, 2008
(Kit Doyle)

Terri Degenhardt, right, took a break from feeding Coty, the coatimundi she has looked after for the past month, Thursday morning, February 28, 2008, to explain his behaviors to pilot Bill Dunn as Humane Society Director Cheryle Dillon watched the animal on the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport tarmac. They then loaded the omnivore into Dunn's Cessna 172 for the four flight down to the Fort Worth Zoo, where Coty will be trained to work with outreach programs. Dunn helps transport animals whenever his schedule allows.

Coty was confiscated during a drug bust. The coatimundi is a mammal related to the raccoon, but the species has a long snout with somewhat piglike features and bearlike claws.

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