Speak Out 2/28/08

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Message to thief

THIS IS to the person or persons who stole my purse from the Sears Grand parking lot. Not only do I have to replace everything in my purse, but it took me almost a year to save up that money. It was dumb of me to take it out of the bank, but that money was for new furniture for my living room. I am a single mother of four and have to work and save for everything I need and want. I have a full-time job. I don't depend on anyone for anything. The money was for bedroom furniture for my son and daughter. If you are reading this, I hope you know that it was a cruel thing to do. It would have been so easy just to turn the purse in to the store or the police station. I bet you did not know the store has cameras outside. I hope they find you. I will press charges. I wanted to let you know how much you took away from my family. I hope you are able to sleep well at night after reading this.

Removing the snow

JACKSON NEEDS to watch how Cape Girardeau removes snow and ice from streets. Cape doesn't wait until the snow hits and hopes it melts on its own. Cinders and ice melt are not going to do any good if you don't use equipment to get rid of the snow when it is melting.

Puzzling question

COLUMNIST VIC Hanson asked whether or not Barack Obama would be able to translate his unquestionable charisma into action, if elected president. FDR did. JFK did. Ronald Reagan did. Why would he ask such a question about Obama?

Police take action

GOOD NEWS. The police have shown up in the 1200 block of South Pacific Street. Maybe, just maybe, the problem in this block has been eradicated. Time will tell. Thanks, Cape Girardeau Police Department, for taking out the garbage.

Good concert

I WOULD like to say thank you to the Show Me Center for the Breaking Benjamin concert. I usually drive to St. Louis to see them. Please have them come back soon. Thanks.

No understanding

I FIND it incredible that a man taking thousands of dollars a month (Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton) from fellow Republicans for consulting fees (including our own state Sen. Jason Crowell) has the audacity to refer to anyone else as a lazy Missourian. Unfortunately, he'll never learn what he could from the "lazy Missourians" desperate for jobs, because he's going from not representing or understanding them to making big bucks in his consulting firm.

Apology due

I READ the article regarding the comment made by Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton about lazy Missourians. I cannot believe an elected public official holding the rank he does in the House would make such a remark. Jetton offended, with his remarks, thousands of hard-working Missourians, and he owes them an apology.

Thanks for roses

I WOULD like to send a big thank you to the people from Cape First Church who handed out flowers Friday night at Saint Francis Medical Center. They handed a half dozen roses to every employee, patient and visitor they saw. You brightened our evening. Thank you.

Small-town police

SMALL-TOWN values don't exist anymore. In the 1990s the peace enforcer turned into the law enforcer. They have no concept of what smaller towns are OK with. Instead, they stop everyone. That's what evaluations are made of nowadays. Evaluations are more based upon how many big busts you have, not how you handled the situation.

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