Letter to the Editor

Best slogan - Dream City on the River

Thursday, February 19, 2004

To the editor:

The "Dream City on the River" annual report for Old Town Cape in the Southeast Missourian was most impressive, particularly the front-page article by Dr. Steven J. Hoffman, president of Old Town Cape.

Keep in mind that Cape Girardeau's Convention and Visitors Bureau spent upwards of $40,000 to have an out-of-town consultant come up with a laughable catchphrase for the city which, unfortunately, read: "Where the River Turns a Thousand Tales." When the city claims it needs a new fire engine and higher taxes, it instead chose to spend money on this kind of idiotic slogan straight from the hired consultant's trash can. What an insult to our intelligence and an extraordinary waste of this city's valuable tourism resources.

I feel particularly bad about this, because the Tourism Council was formed when I chaired the original Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce Publicity-Tourism Committee and the original Riverfest Committee in 1977 that eventually became the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Hoffman, with the stroke of a pen and without cost to the city or its wasteful tourism bureaucracy, has come up with what I believe is the best slogan this city could ever have: "Dream City on the River." I wholeheartedly recommend that the city adopt this as its new slogan Cape Girardeau is, indeed, the "Dream City on the River." What a quick and delightful way to describe our beautiful city to others.

Old Town Cape is most fortunate to have such a wonderfully creative president in Dr. Steven J. Hoffman.


Cape Girardeau