First-day candidate filings

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The following people have filed for state and county offices from Southeast Missouri. Names are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. (updated 5:05 p.m.):

(i) denotes incumbent

U.S. House of Representatives

Eighth District

Joe Allen, Democrat

Missouri Senate

27th District

(i) Jason Glennon Crowell, Republican

Missouri House of Representatives

156th District

Shelley Keeney, Republican

Michael R. Winder, Democrat

157th District

(i) Scott A. Lipke, Republican

158th District

Wayne Wallingford, Republican

Jeff Glenn, Republican

159th District

(i) Billy Pat Wright, Republican

160th District

(i) Ellen Brandom, Republican

161st District

(i) Steve Hodges, Democrat

Circuit Judge, Circuit 32, Division 1

(i) William L. Syler, Republican

Cape Girardeau County

Commissioner, District 1

Rick Aufdenberg, Republican

Joe Bob Baker, Republican

H. Weldon Macke, Republican

Thomas S. "Tom" Allen, Republican

Stephen Daume, Republican

Bill G. Hahs, Republican

Paul Koeper, Republican

Rick C. Shultz, Republican

Jeff L. Hahs, Republican

Ken R. Evans, Republican

Pat Wissman, Democrat

Marvin McMillan, Democrat

Commissioner, District 2

(i) Jay Purcell, Republican


John D. Jordan, Republican


Jerry L. Reynolds, Democrat


Roger Hudson, Republican


John Clifton, Republican

Public Administrator

Phyllis V. Schwab, Republican

Perry County

Commissioner, District 1

Timothy Brewer, Republican

(i) Patrick Naeger, Republican

Patrick Heaps, Democrat

Commissioner, District 2

(i) Edwin W. Stueve Jr., Republican

James L. Sutterer, Republican


Joe Martin, Republican

(i) Gary Schaaf, Republican


Cheryl Stueve, Republican

Public Administrator

(i) Tamara M. Tarrillion, Republican

Bollinger County

Commissioner, District 1

Terry Wiseman, Republican

(i) Larry P. VanGennip, Republican

Commissioner, District 2

Kelly D. Francis, Republican

Steve Jordan, Republican

Andy (Bud) Wiesner, Democrat


Leo McElrath III, Republican

Ryan McLeary, Republican

Public Administrator

(i) Larry L. Welker, Republican

Scott County

Commissioner, District 1

(i) Dennis Ziegenhorn, Democrat

Commissioner, District 2

(i) Ron McCormick, Republican

Donnie Kiefer, Democrat

Shelby "Skip" Steger, Democrat


(i) Rick Walter, Democrat

Bobby Sullivan, Democrat


(i) Teresa Houchin, Democrat


Charles Huey, Republican

(i) Scott Amick, Democrat

Public Administrator

(i) Pam Dirnberger, Democrat

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