Speak Out 2/26/08

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drug guardian

THIS IS in regard to people who are on drugs for various reasons. I have five bipolar, schizophrenic, worrier kids. Two of them have shot themselves. They get out of whack, and after a while they get so tired of being drugged. They need a guardian to keep an eye on them. It's serious. People should not take lightly these young folks taking medicine like this.

Social Security bonds

WHY CAN'T the federal government sell Social Security bonds? Perhaps this is the way to remedy the Social Security system. Young workers could purchase these bonds and be able to retire with a nice sum of money. Employers could contribute by buying a mandatory minimum amount of bond for each working person. We could invest in a strong system for Americans by purchasing these bonds.

Butt out, government

I WOULD think Washington would have better things to do than to investigate steroid use. I see it as a matter of personal choice. Women use Botox and liposuction. Some cheerleaders are using steroids to flatten their stomachs. I think this issue is a place the government doesn't belong.

Great rock show

I want to thank the loyal rock fans of Cape Girardeau and surrounding areas for making the concert on Thursday night a huge success. I was pleasantly surprised to see folks both young and old come out in spite of the inclement weather to support great music. If we keep up the good work, we could host more great shows like this one. I don't understand why Cape doesn't already host more rock artists. It looked like the Show Me Center was filled to capacity, and it seems as if that would be good for the community. What do we have to do to bring more big shows here?

Late notice

I am a student at Central High School. I don't understand why officials cancel school for a snow day at the last minute. This morning I was getting ready when we received the phone call. I wish they would cancel the night before, not in the morning.

Extra duty

The Cape Girardeau waste workers are putting in a full eight-hour day picking up trash and recycling, then after that they are helping with storm pick up. Thanks, guys.

Backup alarm

I watch the news and pay close attention to the weather and when we have weather that will no doubt keep the schools down I turn off my alarm and enjoy that extra hour of sleep. Guess again. At 5 a.m. Thursday my phone rang. It was a recorded message from the school telling me what most of us already knew. Next time they do this I wish school officials would have a live person on the other end, because I can't respond to a recording in the manner I wanted to.

Disgusting film

I finally saw the movie "Sicko" and am thoroughly disgusted, not by the health industry, but by the blatant bias of Michael Moore. He stoops so low as to be a puppet of the former Castro regime near the end of the movie when he films a segment where Americans receive great medical care in a top-notch Cuban medical facility. Doesn't he realize that this is a setup? Moore's type of propaganda for our country's foes is similar to that of Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War. The Cuban health-care system, according to accounts by Cuban refugees, is horrendous if you can actually use it. Moore is disgraceful and the media need to stop promoting him and start challenging him on the blatantly biased so-called documentaries he produces.

For big government

Micheal Jensen complained about it being a tough time to be a conservative. He defined conservatism in part as "small government." Under President Bush we have seen the largest expansion of government and growth of government spending in history. I can understand Mr. Jensen's loneliness, because we are all, for all intents and purposes and though we may say otherwise, advocates of a big federal government.

Time for trimesters?

Considering the fallout from the weather, this is as good a time as any for area schools to begin experimenting with a year-around, trimester school schedule.

Thanks to carrier

I WOULD like to thank my newspaper carrier, David, who is so nice that he double wraps the paper to make sure it doesn't get wet when it rains and during the ice storms. Thank you, David, for the extra effort. And the paper is always in reach. Thank you for the good work and service getting the paper.

Keeping traditions

WHO WILL win? Who will lose? Since self-imposed sportsmanship went out years ago, we now have winners and losers. Nobody follows a man code today. In the past, a man would not risk the gauntlet he would most surely endure if he were heard bragging on himself. In the old days before cheating on academics became popular, people would respect one another. A long time ago image became the most important quality, and without the right clothes, makeup or physique, no one could get a date, a friend or a job. I was once chided because I addressed a woman as ma'am. I'm a man who is proudly still old school. If I were to date, it would be my pleasure to open a door for a woman. This is not to diminish the equality in our roles. It could be considered good etiquette and a statement of the keeping of tradition. Maybe there are winners and losers, but the poor people sometimes win with their attitudes toward life. Often it is the common people who relate well to one another and enjoy lasting, fulfilling, happy relationship. It may be more difficult for the more professional, busy, sophisticated individual to find satisfaction from a job, a relationship or life.

Cadets help clean up

ON FEB. 18, Civil Air Patrol officers and cadets went to many homes in Jackson to pull tree limbs to the curb for pickup. The cadets also cleaned up debris from yards so homeowners could mow their lawns without damaging their mowing machines. It was a cold day, but everyone enjoyed the work. The cadets earned credit toward an achievement ribbon.

Thanks for coverage

I WOULD like to thank the Southeast Missourian for publishing the articles about Sgt. Brad Skelton and having pictures of his funeral procession.

Coffee's ready

I'M IMPRESSED at how my wife has quickly honed her skills in emergency preparedness. When it started to ice up again, she immediately ground our coffee beans for two days in advance just in case we lose power.

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