Delta school

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Delta School District is looking at some possibilities regarding the elementary school, which has maintenance deficiencies and lacks adequate wiring for computer equipment. One possibility is to upgrade the existing building, which is more than three miles from Delta. Another possibility is to purchase land near the high school in Delta and build a new elementary school.

School officials have long recognized that the time would come when something would have to be done. The board has been setting aside reserves to purchase property. A voter-approved bond issue would be needed for construction.

As with any major project, there is a possibility taxes would have to be increased. Some Delta residents have already made up their minds they won't vote for any tax increase. But now is the time for discussions that could lead to the best of all possibilities, whatever that is. Discussion is good. Sharing information based on facts is better.

Delta taxpayers are right to think they should have some input on this major decision. They also have elected board members to make decisions in their best interests. Through a cooperative effort, Delta schoolchildren stand to be the winners.

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