Letter to the Editor

Thanks for prayers after tragedy

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To the editor:We've had a tough week. The tears have been cried. The grief has left us empty inside. But it's into this emptiness that healing is beginning to flow. It will not take the place of what we've lost. And we know that we will never be the same, but we also know that we will do better and be better. Your prayers and concerns have helped. But they need to continue.

We will continue to pray for the families and friends of those who were lost: council members Connie Karr and Michael Lynch, public works director Ken Yost and two police officers, Sgt. Bill Biggs and Officer Tom Ballman.

We also have an opportunity to say a prayer of thanksgiving for reporter Todd Smith who is well on his way to recovering, and for the continued healing of Mayor Mike Swoboda, who each day continues to improve a little bit.

I want you to know this tragedy is more like a family tragedy where one of our family members -- a friend of mine, known to many people as a joyous person -- snapped and has caused immeasurable harm and grief.

We place our faith in God that we will be led out of this dark place and into a new light.

We're also thankful for the bravery and quick action of our Kirkwood Police Department.

So we move on from here on a decidedly new path. From the ashes of Feb. 7 we will rise, changed but stronger and committed to be better than we were.

State Sen. MIKE GIBBONS, 15th District, Missouri Senate, Kirkwood, Mo.