Warner and the Rams should just bag it

Monday, February 16, 2004

Kurt Warner's time with the St. Louis Rams is almost finished.

The grocery-store-bagger-turned-MVP is separating himself from his team by separating his lips.

It's not what Warner said about his faith that got him into trouble. It's the fact that he said anything at all. Nobody wants to hear a quarterback complain about the splinters he has in his thighs from riding the pine.

But David, didn't you endorse Warner as the quarterback just last year? What gives?

Believe me, Warner is still my man, and I think he got a raw deal, but he doesn't have to remind us every chance he gets.

Despite what he wants, Warner will not be the starting quarterback next season. Marc Bulger, the MVP of the Pro Bowl, will have the job. (He would have seen more action back at the grocery store than he did last season toting a clipboard for the Rams.)

Warner could start, though.

He hasn't lost his ability completely, but the pressure St. Louis is putting on him is too much. He won't be the Warner of old, and he can't shine in this situation. So a trade and a fresh start would benefit him and the Rams.

But if a trade can't be worked out, I heard Schnucks is hiring.

Before you start calculating trade possibilities, take a look at your week ahead:


I can't think of a better way to spend my day off than booing the Blues. That's right, I'm going to the game today. And I won't hesitate to let 'em have it if they get behind early. Heck, I might even start the "Fire Quennville," chant. And it's student night, which means I'll be receiving my club level seats for $30 instead of $90 with my student ID. Game time 2 p.m.


If you're highly respectful of our Founding Fathers and decided to stay home on President's Day, then you get a reprieve. It's student night again at the Savvis Center when the Blues host the Lightning. I think every night should be student night, in fact, they should pay us to watch them stink up the joint. Game time 7 p.m.


Notre Dame's basketball season was a bit of a downer, but here's a chance to end it on a positive note. The Bulldogs play their final regular season game at home against Perryville at 7:30 p.m.


Another big game for Southeast Missouri State this week. The Indians still have a chance at making the OVC Tournament. The Otahkians, on the other hand, are resting comfortably at 7-4 and a win could put them in a tie for second. Morehead State at Southeast at 5 (women) and 7:30 p.m.

David Wilson is a sportswriter for the Southeast Missourian and a student at Central High School.

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