Speak Out 02/16/04

Monday, February 16, 2004

Ready to serve

AS A decorated Navy veteran, I am proud to have been a part of the first Gulf War. I volunteered to serve. It was an honor to serve my country in the capacity which our leaders deemed necessary. I did not have to dodge nor look out for the draft. I served with honor and distinction. Age and physical ability are the only things which keep me from rejoining. Instead of griping about the war, get behind our troops who need our support. Encourage others to be a part of the military culture. It is a good thing. It makes men out of boys.

Pushing homework

I DON'T know why the new Jackson High School homework policy is such a big deal. I've had three children in the Jackson schools. The junior high school has been following the policy for years. I applaud the school for its work in encouraging students to complete their homework. It's just a shame that more parents don't get involved and support the schools.

Expensive changes

CAN SOMEONE tell me why colleges in Missouri are scrambling to change their names? Where is the state planning in all of this? Do the taxpayers have any idea how much money will be spent on the cosmetics and marketing materials associated with name changes?

Messy neighbors

IF YOU live in an apartment or townhouse where you have to share common parking spaces and entrances, be considerate of your neighbors and pick up after yourselves. I live in an area where things continue to go downhill. If your car has an oil leak, fix it. If the car doesn't run, tow it. If your kids are finished playing with their toys, have them pick them up. You are not the only ones living in that space. Aren't you embarrassed about your mess?

Parental involvement

I AM a teacher who is encouraging parents to take an active and constant interest in your children's life. The classroom is becoming an at-risk zone because children are not learning proper social skills at home. When a teacher spends eight hours a day helping that student take three steps forward, it is devastating to know that many parents contribute to taking eight steps back. Be careful of the things you say. Children will listen and learn from them.

Spreading the wealth

IT IS not only that state Sen. Peter Kinder wants to slight Southeast Missouri State University, but he also needs to spread the wealth in the Springfield and Columbia areas to help his political ambitions statewide. This behavior is no different from any politician -- local, state or federal.

Spiritual rebirth

TO THE person who opined that all people are God's people: God created us all to be his children, but man made a choice in the Garden of Eden to sever that relationship. All who have not believed in Jesus as the Christ and trusted him to save them from spiritual death are indeed spiritually dead and are children of the devil. God's grace an faith in Jesus Christ brings about spiritual rebirth.

Not enough passengers

AS A recent Speak Out caller pointed out, the Cape Girardeau airport had service to the Memphis airport about 10 year ago. The reason Northwest Airlink pulled out of the market was a lack of revenue. There were not enough passengers.

Worrying too much

SOME PEOPLE worry needlessly. When you get into your car, you're taking a chance. But when you put your seat belt on, you're protecting yourself. When you send your kids to school unvaccinated, you're taking a big chance. But if you have them immunized, it's as if you're putting their seat belt on in the car. You're giving them a better health chance. I've had three children immunized. I can't say I've seen an adverse reaction, and if there was it was minuscule compared to what the diseases could have caused. As parents we should be grateful to live in this modern age and not worry about the small chances of things that could go wrong.

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