Three Days Grace returns to Cape

Thursday, February 14, 2008

On Oct. 25, 2003, a then-unknown Three Days Grace and Trapt opened for alt-rock giants Nickelback at a packed Show Me Center. The Toronto-based Three Days Grace enjoyed their visit so much they decided to return to the area, this time as the main event Feb. 21 with modern rock acts Breaking Benjamin, Seether and Hurt as openers.

"I believe that was the only show I was chased that year," TDG bassist Brad Walst said of that '03 performance. "I mean I literally had to run out to the bus to get away. That was very cool. It will definitely be nice to go back to the Show Me Center."

Three Days Grace -- featuring Walst, drummer Neil Sanderson, lead guitarist Barry Stock and frontman Adam Gontier -- are in the middle of a tour supporting "One-X," the band's 2006 LP about the surprising loneliness that comes from constantly being around other people. Walst said the band members try to stay busier on the road to keep that "lonely" feeling away.

"I think if we've learned anything it's to stay focused better," Walst said. "Being on the road constantly can be overwhelming, but we can make it a lot easier on ourselves by staying occupied ... especially during the daytime."

Hard rocking quartet Breaking Benjamin is also touring in support of a new album, "Phobia," which has received good all-around reviews since its release in 2006. Seether's October release "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces" has proven successful as well, with the hit "Fake It." Hurt has also recently scored two radio hits, "Rapture" and "Falls Apart," in 2006 and another -- "Ten Ton Brick" -- in 2007.

For tickets or more information on the concert, go to or call 651-5000.

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