Speak Out 02/14/04

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Seems expensive

IT IS time to put the Cottonwood Treatment Center issue in proper perspective. An article says a $3.2 million appropriation is in the state budget for Cottonwood. If all 32 beds at Cottonwood were filled, that would be $100,000 per child from state funds. Does that seem affordable in these fiscally troubled times?

Read the Bible

FOR THE person that has read his Bible. Thank you. I wish there were more people like you who realize we all belong to a higher power no matter how we practice.

Made to be weapons

BASEBALL BATS can be used as weapons. But their purpose is to be used in baseball games. Guns are weapons. That's what they're made for. Nothing else. They have no other purpose.

See how it is

REGARDING THE comment about police and fire personnel using city vehicles: We don't use our vehicles for personal use. Anyone who cared could visit our police station and see how things work. Right now we need the community to know what little equipment we work with and how dangerous it is. If any Cape Girardeau residents want to be surprised about what goes on in this city, do a ride-along with an officer. I hope one of us doesn't have to lose our life before the residents figure it out.

Haunting question

WHO WOULD have ever thought "Where were you during the war, Daddy?" would haunt a Republican president?

Recreational firearms

I'VE USED firearms for over 40 years and haven't killed anyone or even thought of shooting something other than a target or legal game. It is a family tradition of ours to hunt and shoot recreationally. If most people are given the proper instruction on how to use and not use a firearm, they would see how enjoyable the use of firearms can be.

School spending

IT APPALLS me that a lot of people complain about how wasteful this state is. What about how wasteful schools are? I've noticed that when school districts get more money, they waste it on things they don't need. What school districts need to spend their budget on is better curriculums, more school buses and more schools.

Computers are necessary

THERE WAS a recent comment about computers in schools being unnecessary. Computers are our future. Children need to learn how to use them at the earliest age possible. The world of technology is always changing to better improve our future. Not only do colleges use computers, but I cannot think of any job where computers are not used. Many parents cannot afford a home computer. Without computers in schools, I do not see how our children can learn to prosper in our future world.

UMC-Cape Girardeau

WITH SOUTHWEST Missouri State University changing its name to Missouri State University, it is more important than ever that Southeast Missouri State University apply to join the University of Missouri system. University of Missouri-Cape Girardeau would also allow significant savings on health insurance.

Hands off my TV

IF YOU don't like what's on television, turn it off. So many people around here complain about "Big Government" and intrusion on their rights, but now they want the government to protect us from the big bad TV. Leave my programming alone.

Bible is clear

THE PERSON who said his Bible said that all people were God's children, not just Christian Americans needs to read his Bible again, especially John 8: 42-44. Jesus said "because you do not love me or hear me, your father is the devil."

It's about independence

I HAVE read a lot of Speak Out articles about the firework problems and how city officials are trying to take our Fourth of July away from us. Please. Get real. The Fourth of July is not about fireworks. It's about how we finally got our independence after years of war. Our flag was still there, not the fireworks. Get the real meaning through your head.

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