Letter to the Editor

County road department is great

To the editor:On the day after the storm of Feb. 5, I awoke to find a tree 21 inches in diameter and 60 feet long with a root wad of about 5 feet across the low-water crossing on Cape Girardeau County Road 485. I called the Cape County Highway Department about 8:30 a.m., and in a few hours only two men arrived with a chain saw and one piece of heavy equipment. (I did not get their names because they were busy working.) By 2 p.m. the tree was gone and the road open. I appreciate the efficiency and punctuality of the two men and county highway department.

I get disgusted when I hear people complaining about the Cape Girardeau County Highway Department. I feel we have one of the best county highway departments there is.

JIM JOHNSON, Millersville