Letter to the Editor

Play was as good as favorite movie

To the editor:I attended the play at the Wendy Kurka Rust Theater of my all-time favorite movie, "Crimes of the Heart," which I have watched no less than 100 times and find myself repeating lines from the movie on an almost daily basis.

I was hesitant to see a play from a movie I loved so much, for I knew it would be disappointing. How exhilarating. The moment fidgety Lenny walked out on stage I knew I made the right decision. Ladies, you were great. I could watch you over and over again. I can't believe how you captured all the feelings I felt from the movie.

Thank you, Lenny, Meg, Babe and, of course, cousin Chick for a wonderful evening. And though your parts were smaller, I loved Doc and Barnette. What a great job you all did with this play.

JO RODGERS, Cape Girardeau