Fan Speak 2/11/08

Monday, February 11, 2008

Equal space

SOUTHEAST MISSOURIAN sports reporter Marty Mishow had an online story about the Feb. 2 Southeast Missouri State basketball games. Someone responded online that he or she did not understand why the men's team gets so much more coverage than the women, who are leading the conference. Marty blasted the poster, saying the women's team got plenty of coverage. Come on Marty, your own blog that day says otherwise. The title "What A Dud," clearly referenced the men's team. There were eight paragraphs about the men and only two about the women. OK, the entry was about the men. Where was your entry about the women? You want us to swallow your claim that the women get plenty of coverage, the same as the men. Yeah, right.

Where's Leet?

HOW DO they come up with the McDonald's High School game nominations? The two young men from this area that were nominated -- Bell City's Nick Niemczyk and Notre Dame's Ryan Willen -- are good, but what about Jackson's Jake Leet? I've seen him play many times, and he is just as good, if not better, than these boys.

(According to the game's Web site, "Names are submitted by members of the selection committee as well as state representatives who religiously follow the prep scene in their areas.")

Hall news

ABOUT A year or so ago, Cape Central's athletic director proclaimed in the Southeast Missourian that Central's athletic hall of fame would be up and running again this school year. However I have heard nothing about the nomination and selection process, or when the ceremony will be held. After many years of dropping the ball on this matter, it is beyond comprehension that the school would punt again, hoping the public won't notice. Believe me, we are watching.

Thanks Brandon

I'D JUST like to say a huge thank you to Southeast Missouri State men's basketball player Brandon Foust. Brandon suffered a season-ending injury, and I'm sorry that he couldn't finish his season with us. But every game he's there on the bench, cheering his teammates on, giving them a slap on the back and a little encouragement. While he couldn't finish the season with us, he's become a real leader from the bench. Maybe that's the consolation in all of it.

No one likes cheaters

ON SOUTHEAST Missourian sports editor Kevin Winters Morriss' blog, he asked the question whether or not Rams' fans were upset about New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick allegedly taping the Rams' walk-through before the Super Bowl that the Rams lost. In the blog, he talked about how former Rams coach Dick Vermeil wasn't upset, as if that's important. Who cares what Vermeil thinks? Vermeil isn't a Rams fan, he was the coach. He was an employee and coach of the team for a couple of years. That doesn't mean he's a loyal fan. He's with someone else now. Why does he care? The question should be, Do football fans care that Belichick cheated? Yes, they should care. And if they don't, they're not true fans. It's like using steroids. You're doing something to gain an unfair advantage. It's cheating. The fact that he did it to the Rams and that he did it again this year and got caught just proves it wasn't a one-time isolated event. The sanctions he faced and the fines earlier this year are not enough. He should be stripped of that win.

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