Out of the past 2/11/08

Monday, February 11, 2008

25 years ago: Feb. 11, 1983

The South Cape Girardeau Neighborhood Restoration project being planned by the city will have no significant effect on the environment, says a required public notice issued by the city; the city has applied for a $314,451 grant to restore streets and homes of low-income residents in an area of South Cape.

The Citizens Advisory Committee has released a report suggesting possible economies for the Cape Girardeau Public Schools; among the suggestions are elimination of the elementary swim program and a cutback in monthly travel costs.

50 years ago: Feb. 11, 1958

The Cape Girardeau City Council Monday acted to validate the challenged 6-year-old ordinance giving the Main Street and North Main Street Levee Improvement districts permission to use city property for flood-control work; a recent lawsuit challenges the ordinance's legality.

John Godwin and John T. Seesing of Cape Central Airways receive a trophy from St. Louis Flying Service for selling the largest number of Cub airplanes in the St. Louis area during 1957; the local men placed seven new planes.

75 years ago: Feb. 11, 1933

Snow is added to winter's menu for Cape Girardeau, a 2 1/2-inch fall that increases discomfort to a week of arctic temperatures; the mercury again sinks to 12 degrees for the low.

Its days of usefulness over, members of the Cape County Anti-Horse Thief Association vote to disband at a meeting at the courthouse in Jackson; the organization was formed Aug. 2, 1890.

100 years ago: Feb. 11, 1908

At the election of officers last night, who are to command the new Sixth Regiment, Arthur L. Oliver of Caruthersville, Mo., was named colonel; Warren L. Mabrey of Jackson, who has captained the company in that town, was elected lieutenant colonel to command the Second Battalion of the regiment; R.B. Oliver Jr., of Cape Girardeau, who has been on Col. Oliver's staff as adjutant for some time, was elected major to command the First Battalion.

George Logan is home in Cape Girardeau for a few days from Washington University; examinations were held last week and this week, and he is at leisure for a few days.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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