Speak Out 2/11/08

Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting disability

I HAVE read over the past few days how many feel that those receiving Social Security disability should have made better plans. We've paid for it. It's not easy to get disability. I had to almost bleed to death before I got approved. It wasn't something I planned on happening. I get my check. I also pay back the state almost $500 a month to keep my Medicaid. I'm glad to do it even if it's hard to live on $740. One hospital bill would wipe out anyone.

Jackson police

I'VE LIVED in Jackson my entire life and recently retired. My interest now focuses on the community. One thing I have found out is that more happens in Jackson than what appears in the Southeast Missourian police record. People gripe about the police not doing enough. I bought a scanner and was amazed at what our police department deals with. For a city that has always had so much pride, why do we pay our police officers far lower than any other community in the area? I have seen ads for hiring new police officers lately and have seen a lot of new faces. I looked at the police Web site and see only a minimal number of officers employed by the city. Our city is growing every day, and so is the crime rate. We better take care of our police officers before we have no one to take care of us. We are lucky to have good police officers, so let's keep them. I don't want my city to be a training ground for new people who move on to higher-paying jobs when they have enough training to be attractive applicants to other cities. If the people of Jackson would take the time to see what is going on in our city, I think we would be amazed and somewhat ashamed. Don't kid yourself. Jackson is not just the "City of Beautiful Homes, Churches and Schools" anymore.

Chaffee police

CHAFFEE POLICE are out of control. Police are pulling people over when they go over the speed limit by 2 mph. Some people have been pulled over by the police for a random check. Everybody has laws to follow. That is why the police are there, but there is no need to be a robocop. It seems no police chief we get can do the job without the city stirring up problems. I think the city council, mayor and police hiring board are a big part of the problem.

Planning for future

I'M ALMOST 50 years old. I worked for minimum wage when my wife and I were first starting out. I worked for local manufacturers, several of which closed and left me high and dry. I often worked two jobs when money was tight or we needed extra. My wife still works in retail. When we were first married she worked as a waitress. We were determined to save as much as we could, and we managed to put all three of our children through college and still save some for retirement through wise use of small investments. Shame on me for criticizing low-income people for not planning ahead? No, shame on all you whiners for failing to better yourselves, for failing to plan ahead and for expecting the rest of us to subsidize your laziness and lack of initiative. My parents never worked for more than minimum wage. When we started investing 25 years ago, we talked my parents into making some investments too. They are doing all right. They're not rich or taking European vacations, but they are secure. If they could do it, anybody can. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves.

Good old boys

NO TO a webcam at the Cape Girardeau County Commission's chambers. It has already been decimated as it is. If for no other reasons than tradition and historical preservation, we cannot have complete destruction of the remaining vestiges of the once proud but now backtracking network of good old boys.

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