Jackson bucks trend

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Recent data obtained by the Southeast Missourian shows that the Jackson area is bucking a national trend.

While national headlines portray the housing market as an exploded balloon, Jackson has rebounded nicely after a somewhat slower year in 2006. In 2007, the city issued permits for 62 new single-family homes, up from 48 the year prior.

Many of these homes are being built by developer Mike Mathes, who is selling them to investors from California, who are then renting the homes.

While the national media perpetuates a doom-and-gloom economic outlook, many in Southeast Missouri are sticking with a steady approach. While the area is not immune to dip, the economy in this area never seems to get hit quite as hard as areas along the coasts. Perhaps it's because we boast an area that is more self-sufficient than other areas. Perhaps our folks are just more patient. Or perhaps it's partly because our leaders don't buy into the consistent media speculation that the next Great Depression is just around the corner.

Whatever the case, it's apparent that Jackson is doing some things right. It's a thriving community that continues to entice more people to live there.

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