Game Review - Mario & Luigi, Superstar Saga

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

by Keayn Dunyan

"Prepare for an epic journey beyond the borders of the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario and Luigi team up for a hilarious, action-filled role-playing game! The deep storyline and gripping puzzles pf a role-playing game combine with awesome action elements to make this adventure a Mario experience like no other."

In this incarnation of everyone's faithful plumber, you control Mario and Luigi in an RPG. The brothers are on a quest to recovery Princess Peach's voice with some rather dubious help for King Browser. A visiting villain from the Beanbean kingdom has stolen Princess Peach's voice and replaced it with explosives. What follows is a great game with a novel approach to controlling the duo. One button is used for Mario; the other for Luigi. As the trail behind one another they have to work together to overcome the perils of the world outside the mushroom kingdom.

Combat works the same way except it is turn based. Mario attacks, Luigi attacks, and then the enemies have their turn. Superstar Saga has thrown a little extra into the traditional mix. You get to play both offence and defense. Most enemies attack with a certain pattern, which can be countered or avoided with the timely push of a button. There are also the Brothers attacks, in which Mario and Luigi team up to deal damage to an enemy. Unlike other RPGs there are no random encounters. You always see who you potentially have to face. If you take the fight to them by jumping on them you'll have the advantage the first few rounds. If they are able to bring it to you they'll gain the upper hand.

The Kingdom of Beanbean is captivating and rewards exploration. A little humor is found in interacting with the locals. Mini games abound with shades of past Mario platforms. Everything from the original Donkey Kong to Dr. Mario makes a cameo in a fun way. There are also enough puzzles to keep things interesting but not bogged down. Generally it a fun game with appeal for anyone that doesn't take itself to seriously. The gameplay takes a little while to get used to but once that period is over everything flows like a champ. Although there will be the occasional flub when the buttons get mixed up on who is who.

Superstar Saga does come bundled with the Mario Bros bonus game. The same bonus game that's everywhere else. Nothing to see here, just move along.

All in all Superstar saga is a engaging diversion. At around twenty hours plus or minus it's long enough to past the test but perfect for a Gameboy game. It's also an ideal game that you can play for while and put it down if need be. (If you can) This is a game that any Mario lover will want. Everyone else will be hard pressed to find a game as fun overall.

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