Speak Out 1/29/08

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cool pool

IT'S WEDNESDAY. The water aerobics classes were supposed to meet this morning. The water today in the pool was 78 degrees. That's too cool. How do the people in the parks department and the city administration expect people to vote for a water park when they can't keep the pool at a temperature that would be comfortable for us to use for water aerobics? I think they're kidding themselves if they think we will vote for that after the experience we have had with this pool for the last three months.

Used a torch

I LOOKED at the picture you ran of the wall that was knocked down between Gaza and Egypt. The description says it was blown up with explosives. I used to use explosives years ago, and that's not what it looks like if explosives blow down a wall. That wall was cut with a cutting torch. You can see it was cut about knee high above the ground. Maybe explosives knocked it down, but it was cut with a cutting torch before the explosives. Explosives make one big hole.

Causes of autism

IT'S PREPOSTEROUS to say birth control is linked to autism. What's more likely to be linked to autism is parents' short tempers and abusive behavior, probably unintentional. You're never going to get to the bottom of it, because people aren't going to confess they're not as kind to children as they should be.

Greedy people

WHAT A greedy bunch of hypocrites many individuals have become. They want someone else to pay their way. Some Social Security recipients want more because their increase was too small. There might be a tax rebate or economic-stimulus money for some. Some blame the president for the national debt. Do you think we would have any debt if we had no welfare programs, pork-barrel spending and subsidies? We wouldn't. The government is you. Greedy people end up with greedy, broken government, which is happening.

Thanks for meals

I WANT to thank the people who deliver Meals on Wheels. They're giving their time on cold days. I want them to know they're appreciated.

Abusing parking

THIS IS your conscience again. Cape Girardeau, you're falling down on the handicap parking. More and more I'm seeing people parking in handicap spaces with no handicap documentation.

Vested interest

ANYONE WHO sits on a board or committee should have a vested interest in that board or committee. How can someone who does not have any children in the district sit on our school boards? They either don't have children or their children go to private schools. If you're on the fire department, you need to live in this city. If you're on the police department, you need to live in this city. You don't go to one church and sit on another church's board.

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