Speak Out 1/27/08

Sunday, January 27, 2008

For an aquatic center

THE SALES tax in Cape Girardeau doesn't bother me. I am for an aquatic center. It must be boring to buy on the Internet. I like to see the wonderful stores Cape Girardeau has to offer. I like to mingle with people. I'd hate to think I spent my life in front of a computer screen. Cape Girardeau is a progressive city.

Disorganized drives

MY HUSBAND and I give blood at the various Red Cross blood drives and have been doing it ever since we got married 18 years ago. We give regularly. I have been disappointed the last couple of times we have given blood at how disorganized the blood drives have been. Something's changed. I don't know what it is, but whatever it is needs to be fixed. I can't count the number of people I've heard say, "We will never do this again. It was a disaster."

Thanks for hospitality

I'M A Notre Dame Regional High School parent who attended the Notre Dame-Saxony Lutheran High School basketball game at Saxony last week. I would like to thank Saxony for its hospitality and wish the school well on its mission. Saxony's pep band truly was fabulous.

Courteous walking

WALKERS HAVE the right-of-way at marked crosswalks, but not over drivers. I looked it up. You still have to use caution when you're crossing. Drivers still have the first right-of-way to the road, even in a crosswalk. I drive through Southeast Missouri State University's campus often throughout every day because of my job. I'm amazed at the behavior of the kids crossing the street. If you want to talk about the rights of walkers, what about the behavior of the walkers and their interference with the rights of drivers? They stop in the street to talk or wait for someone else. As a common courtesy, I always let students cross. I've stopped for them and waved them across. Maybe once a week do I have anybody acknowledge me. College students can whine about their rights to cross the street, but there's also a certain amount of responsibility on their part to be courteous pedestrians.

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