Letter to the Editor

East part of Cape has cancer

Sunday, January 27, 2008

To the editor:Thank you to Irene Stevens (welcome back) and Tom Herbert. You have diagnosed the illness of our town -- cancer -- with the characteristic dying core. Here are the symptoms:

Broadway -- I know of one couple who came looking to buy a popular restaurant, drove down Broadway and said, "No way."

Sprigg Street -- I came across the bridge last week and drove north on Sprigg Street toward Southeast Missouri State University, and it struck me that this is the first view many people have of our town. How sad.

Around the university -- I live in this area and have to pick up trash around my house every week. I could do it more often.

Where are the doctor (mayor) and his nurses (city council and city staff) to cure this illness?

Beautiful, old, solid homes with tree-lined streets and yards are being allowed to die. Is there hope?

I hope so.

JUDY CURETON, Cape Girardeau