McGinty brings lessons from New York

Thursday, January 24, 2008
Cape Girardeau native Foster McGinty, who has been living in New York City, will play Friday and Saturday at Port Cape Girardeau. (Submitted photo)

Foster McGinty wants to bring back the rock power trio sound. Along with Rossen Nedelchev on drums and bassist Trifon Dimitrov, McGinty and his self-described "unorthodox" style on guitar have already brought their Cream-y style to New Yorkers successfully.

Now, with a new EP released and a full-length album on the way, McGinty will bring that same style back to Southeast Missouri and Port Cape Girardeau -- where he hasn't played in seven months -- for two nights, Friday and Saturday.

James Samons: How has New York been treating you this past year? Are you beginning to get used to the Big Apple, and is it getting used to you?

Foster McGinty: It has welcomed me with open arms. New York is pretty much like home for me now. It's crazy because every time I come back to Southeast Missouri I feel like a kid at his first day of school ... everything is almost new again. That's how different things are.

I have been pretty busy with shows, though. We've been getting a pretty decent following. My music isn't the typical style you hear in New York ... it's more like Memphis blues. But all kinds of people are enjoying our performances, and that's what we like to see.

JS: I know you were planning to start work on an album in November... how's that coming along?

FM: We haven't finished it yet but we did get an EP of six tunes recorded at a studio in the West Village, which will be for sale at our shows. This was the first time I've ever worked with a producer, and it taught me a lot. I definitely learned about how speaking up can change your vision for the entire album or song. I'm just not sure about working with a producer again on the remainder of the album even though it was a good experience to have.

But I'm constantly changing as an artist and I want the album to reflect that. A lot of bands will put out an album with a bunch of material that all sounds the same, but our album will feature a variety of sounds. We want that classic rock 'n' roll sound, and we record everything on analog two-inch tape, the same thing bands used in the '60s.

JS: It's been a while since you last played in Southeast Missouri ... you excited?

FM: Very excited! I would say around 75 percent of the material we will be playing in Cape will be new material, too. Plus, you can't play the scene here in New York too much or you'll loose your interest ... maybe about three times per month is about right because there are so many acts doing the same thing and over-saturating the clubs.

Want to go?

* What: Foster McGinty Trio

* When: 9 p.m. Friday, Saturday

* Where: Port Cape Girardeau

* Info: 334-0954

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