Letter to the Editor

Energy bill is seriously flawed

Saturday, February 7, 2004

To the editor:

The final version of the Energy Policy Act that emerged after months of secret negotiations is seriously flawed. It undermines existing environmental protections, increases greenhouse gases that lead to global warming and fails to reduce oil consumption through energy conservation.

Both of Missouri's U.S. senators, Kit Bond and Jim Talent, voted to support it. This is bad for Missouri because it allows communities with dirty air to postpone cleanup efforts and dodge additional safeguards to protect public health.

This energy bill does nothing to curb global warming. In fact, it will dramatically increase harmful emissions that cause air pollution and global warming through huge incentives for burning coal, oil and gas.

Missouri's senators will soon have another opportunity to vote on the Energy Policy Act. We urge Bond and Senator Talent to oppose this dangerous bill. Our natural environment and the health of millions of Americans are at stake.



League of Women Voters of Missouri

St. Louis