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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Without rehashing the particulars of the shooting incident that led to then-16-year-old Jonathan McClard's arrest and sentencing to a 30-year prison term, suffice to say that the McClard family has, in recent weeks, endured a tragedy that most of us cannot begin to imagine, including being notified by Missouri prison officials that their son had committed suicide in his cell as he was about to be transferred to the adult correctional facility in Charleston, Mo.

As with all instances of prison death, state officials are reluctant to release much information while an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death is made. This can have the effect of deepening the anguish of family members who have so many unanswered questions to fuel their concern.

Both the family and the public at large are entitled to a speedy and full airing of what happened in Jonathan McClard's prison cell. Factual information will go a long way toward cutting off unsubstantiated and malicious speculation.

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