Letter to the Editor

Paying to play less important than standards

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

To the editor:

Paying sports fees to participate in high school athletics is not new. Schools across the country have the same funding issues as the Cape Girardeau School District. Businesses are having to deal with solvency issues. What your income is has little to do with this issue. At the heart of the issue is what parents are doing to make a difference in our children's future and the standards we allow to be set.

Because I make more money than some doesn't change the fact that I still will have to pay. Is it fair to say that because I make more than someone else that it's OK for me to have to pay? Because you make less, is it OK to say we will waive having to pay this fee? My obligations are no different than yours, and I face the same concerns about health care, food, utilities and having to pay for school athletics.

While school athletics are important and help children build character, the real character comes from parents and the academic standards we hold our children to. How many people who are concerned about this are meeting their children's needs rather than trying to meet their demands? I don't like having to pay either. Maybe the best approach would be to reduce the fee to a more reasonable level like $15 or $20 and require everyone who wants to play sports to pay.


Cape Girardeau