Cape fire report 2/4/04

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Cape Girardeau

Firefighters responded Monday to the following items: At 3:23 p.m., carbon monoxide detector at 2503 Marvin.

At 3:57 p.m., medical assist at 3439 William.

At 3:58 p.m., alarm at 380 S. Mount Auburn Road.

At 5:07 p.m., alarm at 429 N. Frederick.

At 7:11 p.m., medical assist at 307 W. Lorimier.

At 7:42 p.m., gas leak at 127 S. Lorimier.

At 9:42 p.m., line down at 824 N. Spanish.

At 11:01 p.m., medical assist at 20 S. Sprigg.

Firefighters responded Tuesday to the following item:

At 1:33 a.m., medical assist at 1401 N. West End Blvd.