Letter to the Editor

Dog's treatment raises questions about the owner

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

To the editor:

KFVS news anchor Amy Jacquin did a story on a 9-month-old dog that was left outside in single-digit temperatures at the Sikeston shelter. Over 50 percent of the dog's body had no fur either from mange or some type of contact from acid or another chemical substance. An autopsy was being done to determine the exact cause.

No matter the disease or chemical, one thing is for sure. Someone cared enough to take the dog to the shelter for help. But why wait until the dog was in such a horrendous condition? Where was human logic?

Sadly, in the work I do with dogs, I see many that suffer from genetic mange. This condition is preventable by not breeding dogs that genetically have the disease. Smart shoppers won't buy their new pet without seeing both of the parents first and observe that the parent dogs are free of skin and other obvious genetic abnormalities.

Animals require food, water, shelter, and medical attention. Those are our duties according to the laws of Missouri.


Zalma, Mo.