Sikeston to get tough on litterbugs

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SIKESTON, Mo. -- Litter in Sikeston, get thrown in the slammer?

"I've noticed lately that litter continues to be a problem here in town," Sikeston Mayor Mike Marshall said during the regular city council meeting Monday.

Marshall said he witnessed a motorist tossing garbage out of the vehicle's window while driving in Sikeston last week. "Who do they think picks this trash up?" he asked.

The mayor called on the young people attending the city council meeting to "set an example for your parents and other folks."

He then addressed Department of Public Safety officers attending the meeting.

"If you catch somebody littering, I want you to arrest them. This is ridiculous," Marshall said.

He said citizens should have more pride in their city. "If you can't wait until you get home to throw your trash away then we've really got a problem," Marshall said.

"I'm serious about it," Marshall said to DPS officers. "We've warned them before, but I want you guys to catch them. I want you to write them a ticket or throw them in jail."

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