Zoning beyond boundaries considered by Cape council

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Expanding the city of Cape Gir-ardeau may include extending zoning rules past the city limits.

Members of the planning and zoning commission meet tonight to focus on how far the city can go. By state law, home-rule cities such as Cape Girardeau can apply zoning rules to a margin of up to two miles of unincorporated county land. The county commission must approve the move, following a public hearing.

"It doesn't actually mean they would go out that far," said Ken Eftink, the city's director of development services.

Zoning is one of the first suggestions in the city's new comprehensive plan.

He said city officials want a plan "that resolves some of the issues before they ever take it to the county commission to consider."

Eftink said the process will likely take months and include assessing regulations for zoning, the city's subdivision standards and even whether the city would zone to the two-mile limit.

"This planning commission does not want to encroach on the area that will be annexed by Jackson," Eftink said. "We've had numerous meetings throughout the year about what parts would be annexed by Jackson and what parts by Cape."

Nearly 70 percent of Cape Gir-ardeau County voters rejected a similar plan, in a 19,212 to 8,670 vote, in 2000.

The planning and zoning commission meets at 7 p.m. today at city hall, 401 Independence St.


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