Speak Out 1/8/08

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bad TV decision

REGARDING THE decision to do away analog by 2009: I am wondering about the hundreds of thousands of people everywhere -- in Chicago, New York, Appalachia -- who can barely afford to pay rent, feed their children and pay for cable or satellite. There are hundreds of people who still use analog TV. What sense does this make? If you cannot afford satellite or cable TV, you should be allowed to watch the local TV channels you can get. Why penalize people for being poor?

Thanks for cane

THIS IS to the person who found my husband's cane in the Kmart parking lot and turned it in: Thank you, and God bless.

Jackson's lights

I TRAVEL through Jackson to Marble Hill area several times a month. Time after time I am reminded of all these side streets and the lights switching. Just now, nine cars had to stop when one car pulled up to make a turn on one of the side streets. That doesn't make sense to me. A car pulls up on a side street the light turns green while ours turns red. Farther down two cars went through a red light rather than wait. I don't blame them. Those lights need to be timed better.

Not a catastrophe

YOU DON'T ban something because a major catastrophe could happen. One car might hit another because of a cell phone? That's hardly a major catastrophe. We don't ban guns because they might create a major catastrophe, and a gun is a lot more violent than cell phone usage.

Birth-control advice

WHY DO so many people feel birth control is the answer to all the world's problems? You can use birth control and still get pregnant. Many forms of birth control are harmful to a woman's body and can cause chemical abortions. If you are not married, you shouldn't be engaged in sexual activity.

Net increase

I SAW in the paper where the new ethanol blend is saving us one cent a gallon at the gas pumps. But they forgot to tell you that it is costing us $50 more a week in groceries, because the groceries have gone up so much because of all the grain being used in the ethanol.

Connect to Memphis

YOUR EDITORIAL on Big Sky Airlines includes the statement, "Missouri common sense questions whether it is prudent to fly to Cincinnati to get to Denver." Certainly you're not suggesting that Denver is the destination of the majority of the passengers flying out of Cape Girardeau. As with any commuter airline service, some passengers will have to fly initially in a direction opposite to their eventual destination. You can also argue: Who wants to fly north to St. Louis to go south. A reasonable alternative might be to use an airline that connects in Memphis. Besides being a hub for Northwest Airlines, it is served by all the major airlines as well as Air Tran. It is uncrowded, and it is easy to navigate. Cape Girardeau Regional Airport with its ample parking, easy access and friendly staff is great to fly in and out of. In the end, when I complete a trip, I'd rather not have to drive another two hours to get home.

Restroom manners

I WISH more parents would lead in a positive way for their children. The other day I went with my daughter to the restroom at a restaurant, and another woman had her daughter and didn't seem to care to move out of the way so I could wash my child's hands. She made no effort to move or say she was sorry. I hope she reads this and realizes she and her daughter are not above everyone else.

Governors at work

ILLINOIS' GOVERNOR got a no-smoking law passed in Illinois. Now I wish Missouri's governor would get a law passed that would make it illegal to drive a car while using a telephone.

Lots of applicants

I WAS shocked when I read the paper this morning about the new principal being picked for Jackson High School and saying that two years ago there were no applicants for McClard's position. Unbelievable. Most people in Jackson know that was absolutely a lie. Many people applied for all those positions. Jackson has never hurt for anyone applying for positions.

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