Ten options to consider in selling your home

Sunday, January 6, 2008

1. Garages are almost a necessity, most potential buyers look for at least a two-car garage. The lawn equipment, tools and junk have to go somewhere. Don't forget America's uncontrollable desire to obtain nice vehicles.

2. Choppy floor plans can become a hassle when it is required to access a bedroom or bathroom through other rooms. So when remodeling, consider adding another door if at all possible.

3. Pools are a splash, but the maintenance required is almost overwhelming with the cost to fix a pool when cracking and the liability expense for a possible neck or head injury. Pools are also an environmental drain on the freshwater supply, so in the eyes of many, the public pool has never been so refreshing.

4. Homes can express personality but a buyer may not appreciate a calming blue or energetic red for a paint choice. Be simple -- white or off-white anyone?

5. Try to maintain some periodic maintenance. Used car buyers and home buyers are very similar. No one wants a leak.

6. If a buyer has to rent home improvement videos and buy the materials to make the house ready for "everyday living" then he or she may shy away. If the house is in the "first-time" buyers market then the buyer will most likely be digging deep already.

7. Give each other some space. His and her walk-in closets are a bonus for the master bedroom.

8. Cold winters have buyers looking for tightly sealed, double-pane windows for a more energy efficient home.

9. Finished basements are a great plus to gain some extra living space. The floors and walls can be simply coated with concrete paint to give a finished effect.

10. Hate lifting or setting the toilet seat? Having the option of multiple bathrooms will always persuade a larger family to go with the extra commodes.

Last but not least, an uncluttered and well-kept home can mean more dollars to a seller. Often buyers interpret this as an indication of how well the sellers have maintained the home.

Brought to you through the partnership of the Southeast Missourian and the Cape Girardeau County Board of Realtors.

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