Speak Out 1/6/08

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Violent history

IT WOULD be safe to assume that the pollyanish person who expressed relief that we don't go to extremes by assassinating political leaders a la Bhutto in Pakistan is not a student of U.S. history.

Intelligent voting

IT'S 2008. We are going to pick a president this year. Please, before you vote, learn the issues. Don't just vote emotion. Research the candidates and vote intelligently.

Cape Rock trash

I FREQUENTLY go to Cape Rock Park to watch the barges go up and down the river. You could not ask for a more beautiful place to relax. The other day a man on a motorcycle was there picking up the trash, beer cans and bottles that were discarded by someone who has no respect for others. This is not a dump. It is a landmark, tourist attraction and home to more than one memorial marker. Thank you to the man on the motorcycle.

Branded athletes

WHEN WATCHING the football bowl games, I saw several athletes with the letter omega branded on their arms. This is an abuse that should not be allowed on college campuses and certainly should not be allowed on teams that represent their universities on TV. We would not let any other group disfigure themselves and then be ambassadors for our best colleges. Young athletes should be told not to get branded and then think they are going to play for the university.

Animal insanity

I VOLUNTEERED at the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri for a few days. In that short time, five litters of puppies were brought in, and numerous other beautiful strays, including a gorgeous border collie, sweet terriers, an adorable dachshund and too many others to mention. The staff takes care of these pets as if they are their own. They bathe them, give them toys and treats every day, love them and then have to euthanize thousands each year. It's insane. If you don't have your pet spayed or neutered, you are causing this. If you can't afford it, the humane society will help. Stop the insanity.

Next time I'll drive

AS WITH many of my fellow travelers over the busy holiday weekend, I was stranded in Cincinnati due to the ineptness of Big Sky Airlines to investigate business ventures. After barely a month of service to Cape Girardeau, Big Sky cited heavy debt and canceled nearly all flights without contacting passengers. After a four-hour wait for a flight that wasn't to be, I rented a car and drove the six hours to Cape. Much to my irritated amusement, a radio advertisement touted Big Sky's great daily service to Cincinnati just as I crossed the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge into Cape. Next time I'll save myself the misery and drive from Charlotte, N.C. It's only four more hours than Cincinnati.

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