Speak Out 1/5/08

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Unfair TV plan

I THINK it is terrible everyone has to buy new TVs or a converter box. I think it should be stopped. This isn't fair to all the older people and families who can't afford to do this.

It takes a woman

REGARDING DEADBEAT mothers: Any female can give birth to child, but it takes a woman to be a mother. Thank you to all good mothers who take care of their children.

Missing police

THE CAPE Girardeau police showed a lack of concern for the downtown area on New Year's Eve. I saw three fights in the middle of Main Street with no police officer to be seen. I think it's unusual to see the police out when there's nothing going on, but when there is a big event like New Year's Eve they are nowhere to be seen.

Good coverage

I REALLY enjoyed your coverage of the Southeast Missourian Christmas Tournament. Thanks.

Moral capitalism

I AGREE with your editorial that many still don't understand the "no free lunch" school of economics and are vulnerable to mortgage and other scams. Part of the reason is because people are too trusting in their fellow man and think that capitalism has a moral component to it.

Piling up debt

I KNOW this may come as a shocker: George W. Bush is not responsible for the great flood, the crucifixion, Hurricane Katrina, the Tunguska meteorite, the last ice age, the extinction of the dinosaurs or your local property taxes or state sales taxes. Your property taxes went up because the county reassessed your property and found it worth more than in previous years. And if the sales taxes you are paying are too much, write your state legislators and ask them to cut spending on social welfare programs. The bulk of your tax dollars go to these programs. But do not hold your breath.

Helping Habitat

PROFESSIONAL builders. as you describe them, either do not have the time to volunteer their services or will not do the work for Habitat for Humanity because they will not get union scale. The whole idea behind Habitat is for volunteers to help the less fortunate in our communities. Have you ever volunteered your time? Do you know what goes on at one of the Habitat sites?

Taxi money

AMEN ON being tired of tax money going to taxi service. Did you know that the cab drivers were given a Christmas bonus? And have you ever checked the salary of the Cape Transit Authority director? What a waste of my money.

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