Speak Out 1/4/08

Friday, January 4, 2008

Protecting our homes

OPPONENTS OF the so-called castle law are concerned that there will be more killings by individuals protecting their homes. Isn't it time for law-abiding citizens to be able to protect their homes against the criminal whose hand only gets smacked by the justice system? A question for those who are against this law: Whom are you trying to protect?

Service to Cincinnati

REGARDING THE comment about the loss of air service to Cincinnati, saying that "Cincinnati will be out of our lives": I have family in Cincinnati, and I'm sure others do too. We enjoyed the convenience of flying a few times to visit. We will miss that.

Young deadbeats

DEADBEAT DADS. Deadbeat moms. What about deadbeat children?

Fighting terrorists

I WANT to comment about Benazir Bhutto's assassination and the election in Pakistan. This war on terrorism isn't over. We're fighting them over there. Otherwise they would be over here bombing us. There haven't been any bombings in the last seven years. We were hit nine times before President Bush took over. Some people want to cut and run and ignore the enemy. That's basically what they did with Hitler, and we had a massive world war. So you really want people in the White House who think you can negotiate with people who want to kill you? No. You've got to go kill them, or they will come here and kill American citizens. Look what they're doing to their own people over there.

Tactics that work

I'M GLAD the CIA destroyed any torture tapes. That's what I expect my government to do: to be smart enough to protect itself. It's ridiculous to think you can ask terrorists, "Who is your leader? Who's behind this?" and expect them to answer. Waterboarding is not the worst that can happen to them. The worst happened Sept. 11 when we had American citizens jumping out of windows.

Pallbearer honor

I WAS at a funeral last week and saw something unusual. Two girls were pallbearers. What an honor that must have been.

Deadbeat moms

IF THE shoe fits, wear it. There are many deadbeat moms in this world. They don't work, do drugs, drink and live with different men. But they still expect the father of their child to support them. Most times the child doesn't benefit.

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