Sports letter to editor 2/1/04

Sunday, February 1, 2004

Saddened by coverage

How saddened I was to read your front page story on the Jan. 28 sports page about Central High School's triumph over Doniphan. Don't misunderstand, I'm not upset that Central posted a victory. What I find so distasteful is Jeremy Joffray's exploitation of the poor judgement exhibited by certain players on Central's team. Everyone already knows about their trouble because of summonses that you routinely post in your newspaper. But to taint the story with these details was unnecessary.

The most newsworthy part of the entire story was how the other Central players stepped up and raised their level of play. They should certainly be commended for those efforts.

Remember, we're talking about high school boys here not professional or even college athletes. To rehash the details of this past weekend's indiscretions showed poor judgement on the part of the reporter and the editor who approved of the story.MARY WULFERS

Cape Girardeau

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